Junmai Shared Promise


Junmaishu Shuhai - Shared Promise - is made from only rice. This sake is dry in style, but you can feel natural sweetness, which comes from rice “umami” (savory taste). Meat dish pairs wonderfully with this sake. This sake won the Platinum Award at the Kura Master 2018 competition in France.


Rice, Rice koji

2.91 in x 2.91 in x 11.81 in

24.35 oz

3 Years, Room Temperature


chiyonosono sake brewery

Chiyonosono Sake Brewery was founded in 1896 in the former Yamaga Town (now Yamaga City). Katsutaro Honda, the former chairman of the company, had a strong passion for pure sake made only with rice and rice malt, and after WWII, at a time when ordinary sake was at its peak nationwide due to the rice shortage, he pioneered the production of junmai sake. Recently, Katsutaro has entered his sake in many international competitions, winning numerous awards at the IWC in England and the Kura Master in France.