IYEMON Sencha Green Tea 100g


IYEMON brand English packaged product. Packaged in stand-up bags with a 2-year shelf life. Taste A relaxing tea with light taste of mild Umami and refined astringency. ・Blending first flush Sencha tea leaves make the taste delicious. ・The subtle hint of Gyokuro* powder gives it a rich umami taste. ・You can enjoy it cold as well as hot. *Gyokuro (The finest type of Japanese green tea)


Green tea

3.15 in x 2.17 in x 7.09 in

3.53 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature


ujinotsuyu seicha

“One of the oldest and largest Japanese tea manufacturers and sellers” Fukujuen, established in 1790 and one of the oldest and largest Japanese tea manufacturers, has devoted itself to create new types of Japanese teas and help developing Japanese tea culture. UJINOTSUYU, a subsidiary of Fukujuen, distributes the Japanese teas not only in Japan but also overseas. Our tea is loved by many people in the world.