This is a new distilled spirit made from sweet potatoes and matured with cherry chips. It is a completely new and different Japanese spirit that allows you to enjoy the delicate distillation techniques of domestic shochu and the uniquely Japanese flavor of cherry blossoms! The name IRON HORSE gives a powerful impression, and the composition of a horse facing left is considered unusual, auspicious, and a symbol of prosperous business. It is a product to be enjoyed at the bar counter and was released simultaneously worldwide in the summer of 2022. Bronze awarded at IWSC 2023. Original Private-branded & Export only product.


Shochu, Wood chips (Sakura), Dietary fiber

3.11 in x 3.11 in x 7.87 in

24.35 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


galax corporation

We are a domestic trading company with close relationships with sake breweries and distilleries that wish to export to the United States through our company. Our policy is to collaborate with suppliers and overseas importers to further promote traditional Japanese products through events and other means. We also recognize the importance of accurately communicating product information and the history and background of the manufacturer to our overseas partners. We are confident that our product lineup, including our original PB products, will be appreciated by customers in the North American market as well. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to have online business discussions with you.