Irigoma Kuro Ukiyoe  60g (Roasted sesame seeds, black)


Japanese "roasted sesame seeds" are highly regarded for its quality, and "Makoto's sesame seeds" which is made by the "direct fire roasting method" are especially known for its flavor. We have developed products that allow customers from abroad to enjoy Japanese quality of roasted sesame seeds with their senses of sight, taste and smell. This product comes in a unique package with well-known Japanese motifs and easy-to-identify English descriptions.


black sesame seeds (100%)

4.53 in x 0.39 in x 7.87 in

2.12 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature



For more than 70 years since its establishment in 1947, Makoto has been committed to the "direct fire roasting method" which can bring out the best aroma of sesame seeds. The roasting process is the most important part of the manufacturing process of roasted sesame seeds. With an eye on overseas exports, we acquired an international standard certification, FSSC22000, which gives us a competitive advantage.