ICHIDO Junmai Daiginjyo, produced especially for Sake lovers. Using the best “Gohyakumangoku-rice” from the Tohoku region, this sake combines etheral aromatics with a crisp texture and light aftertaste. Its refined and smooth taste blends fruity accents with a clean finish, an absolutely stunning balance. Junmai Daiginjo sake that greatly enhances the taste of food, including seafood and meat. Not only a perfect match with Japanese dishes, but also its citrus or pineapple notes give elegant accent to western-style meat dishes such as chicken saute.


Japanese Rice / Japanse Koji

2.28 in x 2.28 in x 9.37 in

10.14 oz

2 Years, Refrigerated


sake generation

Led by a female Japanese entrepreneur, we set out to craft a premium sparkling sake that would challenge the preconceived notions of both traditional sake and sparkling wine – something a little different, for those who pride themselves on living their lives a little differently. Because we believe that sake can be Japanese in origin, but international in its appeal; that sake can go beyond the sushi menu, bubbling up alongside traditional sparkling wines everywhere from birthdays, to weddings, to brunch, to the little everyday celebrations that make life truly special.