ICHID° Crystal


Just like jumping into the clear sea and being wrapped in bubbles, the fizzling sensation begins the moment this sake enters your mouth, enriching your happiness. Through extensive filtering, a crystal-like transparency and high-quality taste is achieved. By carefully fermenting for a longer period of time, we achieved a popping foam with the texture and durability comparable to champagne. This Crystal-like foam sparkles vibrantly like a fascinating gem. Sweetness stimulates the palate in stages to create a complex and harmonous experience.


rice, water, rice-koji

3.54 in x 3.54 in x 12.6 in

24.35 oz

2 Years, Refrigerated


sake generation

Led by a female Japanese entrepreneur, we set out to craft a premium sparkling sake that would challenge the preconceived notions of both traditional sake and sparkling wine – something a little different, for those who pride themselves on living their lives a little differently. Because we believe that sake can be Japanese in origin, but international in its appeal; that sake can go beyond the sushi menu, bubbling up alongside traditional sparkling wines everywhere from birthdays, to weddings, to brunch, to the little everyday celebrations that make life truly special.