Hyoonkanjuku Coffee Drip Bag Blue Mountain Blend/ Kanjuku Blend


By aging green coffee beans in the icy temperature range for a long period of time, the amino acid components that coffee beans naturally contain are fully extracted, resulting in a green bean that is full of sweetness. By carefully roasting these green coffee beans, we succeeded in bringing out the original flavor of the coffee. The ice-temperature technology is used to produce two types of coffee: the Hyoonkanjuku Coffee Blue Mountain Blend, which brings out the original flavor of Blue Mountain, and the Hyoonkanjuku Coffee Kanjuku Blend, which allows you to enjoy the original sweetness of coffee without sugar.



3.15 in x 1.97 in x 5.91 in

1.41 oz

18 Months, Room Temperature


sawai coffee

SAWAI COFFEE is a coffee specialty store that has been in business for 41 years. In Japan, we operate seven stores in Tottori and Shimane prefectures, three in Tokyo, and one in Taiwan, for a total of 11 stores. We have also won the "Shop of the Year" award for 14 years at Rakuten Ichiba, a Japanese e-shopping site, and have won many awards as the number one store at other major websites as well. We are committed to producing safe and quality products by using carefully selected coffee from around the world and doing everything inhouse, from roasting to processing and packaging, at our FSSC 22000-certified factory. We are also committed to supporting producers and local communities, and have distributed first aid kits to the Sierra Azul Coffee Growers Association in Mexico, and conducted a bridge project and donated COVID-19 kits in the Tolima region of Colombia. We will continue to support growers in creating a safe working environment and improving product quality.