HUKI Junmai Hanabibottle


It is a soft, mellow, dry, and refreshing sake with a refreshing taste that can only be made with ultra-soft water (subterranean water from the Suzuka mountain range). The bottle is printed with "Fireworks rising into the night sky" directly on the bottle.


Rice (from Japan), Rice Koji (from Japan)

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 11.81 in

24.35 oz

1 Year, Refrigerated



In 2012, 15 parts of the brewery, including the sake brewery, were designated as national registered cultural properties, and our beverages are brewed in a relaxed, traditional atmosphere. Located at the foot of the Suzuka mountain range, we use abundant and clean subterranean water for brewing, which is the lifeblood of sake. The subterranean water flows out naturally in our company's garden and is abundant. The haiku poem "Put your hand in and touch the well's spout" was written by the haiku poet Oshiko Yamaguchi in reference to this self-fountain water. We use the seasonal haiku word "HUKI" (meaning "spouting well" in Japanese) from this poem by Ms. Yamaguchi as our sake brand name. This sake has a refreshing taste, just like fresh spring water. You can enjoy the soft taste of sake brewed with natural water.