Hokkaido rice flour for bread


This rice flour is carefully milled and polished in-house with an emphasis on Hokkaido rice. The rare and valuable "Kitamizuho" rice harvested in Kita Sorachi is used as the raw material, and is characterized by its fine texture and ease of use. Blended with alpha rice flour, even at 100% rice flour, it easily puffs up, making it simple to use even for beginners in rice flour baking.



9.25 in x 13.39 in x 1.18 in

2.2 lb

365 Days, Room Temperature



We have been striving to create an affluent lifestyle in Hokkaido through the supply of various products centering on "food" until today. During this time, we have expanded our business to include wholesale and retail sales of rice, various feedstuffs, related equipment, and fuel, and we have responded to the diversifying needs of society with a product lineup of several hundred items and several thousand varieties. In recent years, we have built a solid management foundation from multiple perspectives, including getting our real estate management business, which started from asset utilization, on track to respond to changes in the environment surrounding the food industry. As indicated by our "food" symbol, we are committed to meeting the expectations of our business partners with a flexible and solid structure to fulfill our mission of "improving dietary life".