Hojicha Powder I-CE


This Hojicha Powder, made by carefully roasting Kyoto-grown tea leaves to bring out the full aroma of tea leaves, is finished into a fine powder by using our technology cultivated as a matcha maker. It has a fragrant aroma unique to roasted green tea and a beautiful brown color, and like matcha, it can be widely used for processed foods such as Japanese sweets, Western sweets, bread making, and soft drinks. Please enjoy this unique "roasted aroma" that overflows.


Hojicha Powder

20.28 in x 14.17 in x 13.39 in

2.2 oz

24 Months, Room Temperatrue


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Shokakuen is a matcha manufacturer headquartered in “Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading matcha producing areas. There are many famous tea producing areas throughout Japan, but “Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture” is a tea-growing area specializing in “Matcha”. In July 2008, Nishio Matcha was certified by the Japan Patent Office as the first regional brand of Matcha in Japan. In addition to the local brand “Nishio Matcha,” Shokakuen handles matcha and green tea from other production areas that are in high demand by our customers.