Hita-Tenryosui Japanese tea with fibers Aluminum bottle 300ml


This is a tea with dietary fiber brewed with Hita Tenryosui. It can also be enjoyed hot with the pleasantly bitter taste of green tea and the aroma of hojicha. For those who feel that their daily diet lacks dietary fiber, each bottle (300g) contains 5g of "indigestible dextrin," which is a soluble dietary fiber. This amount is equivalent to about 500g (about one and a half pieces) of lettuce. Recommended for those who want to improve their intestinal condition.


Indigestible dextrin, green tea (domestically produced), hojicha (domestically produced) / vitamin C

2.6 in x 2.6 in x 5.28 in

10.14 oz

25 Months, Room Temeprature



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