Himeichi Juice


"Himeichi Mandarin Orange Juice" is a 100% straight juice made from only Himeichi mandarin oranges grown in Nishiuwa, Ehime Prefecture, which is said to be the first-class production area for Hinomaru mandarin oranges in Japan. Scent-free and safe, this juice is sure to please children and grownups alike. It is said that the secret to its deliciousness lies in the “three suns”. The first is "the sun shining down from the sky," the second is "the reflection from the surface of the rich local sea, Uwakai," and the third is "the light reflected on the stone walls piled up in the mandarin orange field." The mandarin oranges that are exposed to plenty of sunlight grow deliciously. mandarin orange Setoka Madonna Haruka Kiyomi Kanpei Shiranui Kawachi Bankan Tarocco New Summer All 10 types


Mandarin orange

3.15 in x 3.15 in x 5.12 in

6.76 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


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