Gluten Free Miyazaki Spicy Raw Noodles 157g


(1) 100% Rice Noodles. No Wheat. Includes soup and spices. Made with Kyushu rice flour. Wheat-free production. (2) Made with certified gluten-free rice flour according to Japanese standards, safe for those with wheat flour allergies. (3) Customize spice level with chili powder. If you use half, it is 5 times spicier; if you use all, it is 10 times spicier. Enjoy it without chili powder for a delicious option. Enjoy the steaming hot and silky-smooth goodness of fresh noodles!


[Noodles]Rice flour, vinegar/thickener (xanthan gum, alginate), vitamin B₂, flour (processed starch) [Soup]Soy sauce (manufactured in Japan), salt, sugar, sake, fish sauce, shrimp extract powder, (some containing shrimp, soy beans and gelatine) / seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sake spirit, spice emissions, caramel colour, acid flavouring, thickener (xanthan gum), vitamin B₁, antioxidant (V,E) [Chilli powder] Chilli pepper

7.09 in x 5.31 in x 1.18 in

5.4 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature

Noodles/No allergenic ingredients (28 allergenic items) Soup/shrimp, soya and gelatine


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