This product is a Genovese-style green paste made with young garlic leaves instead of basil. Garlic leaves are richer in vitamin C, carotene, and polyphenols than garlic. The fresh, raw leaf garlic is produced in an unheated process, which means that the enzymes and vitamins are not destroyed and the flavor is richer. This product is made from 40% organic garlic leaves and is completely additive-free, making it a very healthy paste. It was selected as one of the best 8 in Japan at the Seasoning Championship 2015 organized by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association and received the Jury's Special Award.


Organic leaf garlic (from Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture) / extra virgin olive oil / cashew nuts / pine nuts / organic garlic / rock salt / natural cheese / black pepper

6.3 in x 1.57 in x 6.69 in

2.82 oz

3 Years, Frozen

cashew nuts / natural cheese


We manufacture food products from the production of raw materials such as garlic leaf miso and organic black garlic. Our basic philosophy is to provide "happiness" to our customers through food. We believe that "taste + beauty/health + safety/security" = "happiness.” All of our main ingredients are organically grown on our own farms. We are committed to providing additive-free products so that our customers can enjoy our products with peace of mind for their loved ones and families.