FUKUMIMI Nekutal (Nigori)


You can fully enjoy the creamy texture and mouthfeel of the sake. The soft richness and flavor are strangely popular even among people who usually don't like sake.


Rice, Rice koji, brewer’s alcohol

2.95 in x 2.95 in x 11.61 in

24.35 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


fukugen brewery

Founded in 1758, Fukugen Brewery is an old established sake producer, ever since the Edo period, a time when samurai rode the streets and ruled the land. The company is owned by the Hirabayashi family, and its secret method of sake brewing has been passed down from generation to generation. We are determined to maintain the singular quality of the Fukugen Sake by refusing to brew bulk quantities. Our precious Sake is only bottled. An essential part of the brewing process is the care and attention brought to the process by the brewing master and his skilled artisans. The natural surrounding in Nagano, its unspoiled location, fresh spring pure water from the Northern Japan Alps and naturally grown organic Sake-rice are all elements in the carefully preserved Sake brewing formula. Not influenced by the current mass-production to brew, we are keeping our own traditional way to produce our own “FUKUGEN Sake”.