Frozen Roasted blackthroat seaperch pressed sushi


Rare, fatty blackthroat seaperch is roasted to give it a fragrant flavor and placed on a bed of sushi rice made with Akisakari rice from Fukui Prefecture. This pressed sushi is specially frozen so that it can be thawed and still taste freshly made. Also, because it is frozen, it can be stored for a long time without preservatives and can be defrosted for only the amount you need at a time, so you can enjoy it safely and without waste.


Rice, Red Beans, Mixed Vinegar

9.06 in x 2.76 in x 1.77 in

10.58 oz

1 Year, Frozen

Milk ingredients, wheat, soybeans


We are a company that manufactures and sells sushi in Fukui Prefecture, in the northern part of Japan. Fukui Prefecture is known as Japan’s best rice-producing area. The area also has a thriving agriculture and fishing industry. Using ingredients locally produced in Fukui, we deliver high quality sushi prepared with our special freezing technology. This unique freezing process, which is the result of Japanese technology that enables freezing and thawing to maintain high freshness, ensures that the food tastes as good after thawing as when it was freshly prepared.