(Frozen) Naoshichi Sudachi Juice 1kg


Naoshichi sudachi has a milder acidity than yuzu or kabosu, and can be used in a wide variety of dishes and drinks. It goes well with all kinds of ingredients, including fish, meat, and vegetables, and has long been popular as a vinegar in Kochi Prefecture, where it is locally produced. Its versatility has made it one of the most sought-after fruits and vegetables by Japanese, French, and Italian chefs.


Naoshichi (Takuma Sudachi)

4.33 in x 2.36 in x 7.68 in

2.2 lb

3 Years, Frozen


tosa ryouri tsukasa

The restaurant originated as a local restaurant established 106 years ago in Kochi. Over its long history, the restaurant has delighted customers with a menu that uses many local ingredients from Kochi and Shikoku. We have been making the most of the information and human network we have cultivated in the past to offer delicious food that only the locals know about. We hope to continue to do so. The "Naoshichi Sudachi" is grown only in a limited area in the western part of Kochi Prefecture, and has been called a "phantom citrus". It has a moderate acidity that does not spoil the taste of the main ingredients, and it is a gem of a citrus fruit that can bring out a refreshing citrus flavor. We would like to introduce such citrus fruits to you.