Freeze-dry miso soup daichi no okurimono


Additive-free miso made with soybeans from Aso, rice from Kyushu, and barley from Kyushu is used. This miso soup, filled with a variety of Japanese ingredients, is made into a convenient instant food using the freeze-dried method. The aroma of the miso is appetizing, and the plump shimeji mushrooms and crunchy onions are as delicious as if they were freshly prepared.


Miso paste (made in Japan), shimeji mushrooms, onions, leeks, dried wakame seaweed, kelp extract, seafood extract, yeast extract, salt, (contains soybeans)

4.65 in x 2.76 in x 7.48 in

1.78 oz

1 Year, Room Temperature


matsuai food

MATSUAI FOOD CO., LTD. has been in the brewing business in Matsuai, Kumamoto Prefecture, for 196 years this year. Since the Tokugawa period, Matsuai has flourished as a gateway to the sea and as a brewing town.  The area has a perfect mild climate suitable for brewing soy sauce, miso, and vinegar, and an abundance of high-quality water. Recently, "food safety and security" has been reevaluated, and we have been focusing on food safety for more than 30 years since the time of our predecessors and have increased the number of contract farmers in Kumamoto Prefecture in order to secure ingredients grown without agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. For the special lineup of products, we are committed to using only Kumamoto Prefecture-grown ingredients, and we aim to engage in traditional natural brewing without food additives as much as possible. We use soybeans, naked barley, and brown rice grown without pesticides during its cultivation period.