Authentic Edomae style sushi vinegar. (Edomae means traditional Tokyo style.) Made by the only vinegar brewing company in Tokyo. The taste has been favored by many professional chefs for many years. Based on mild rice vinegar carefully fermented from domestic rice, it is blended with Yokoi's signature sake-lees vinegar (red vinegar). No kelp dashi (soup stock) or chemical seasonings are used to preserve the flavor of the red vinegar. Salt is also carefully selected. Goes well with Edomae sushi, chirashizushi, hand-rolled sushi, and other sushi with seafood ingredients.


Rice vinegar,Sugar,Salt

2.15 in x 2.15 in x 6.1 in

5.07 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature


yokoi vinegar brewing

The authentic flavor of Yokoi’s fermented vinegar products is loved by well-known establishments, such as fine-Sushi restaurants and hotels. We have a variety of vinegar products such as rice, sake lees and apple. Seasoned vinegar and fermented seasonings are also part of our popular product line. We continue to invent and improve our fermentation techniques, including the Solid Fermentation Method, which is still rare in Japan. We use only carefully selected ingredients, and our products are JAS-certified, recognizing that no genetically modified crops are used. As the only vinegar manufacturer in Tokyo, we are proud of our high-quality product development and expertise.