The most distinctive feature of this product is that you can enjoy eating it by cutting out the shapes. This baumkuchen is baked flat beautifully in layers. Drawing a picture and making a slit along a pictured character...and cutting out shapes right before you eat. A very unique and fun eating experience is waiting for you.


Liquid eggs, Mixed powder (wheat flour, cornstarch), Sugar, Shortening, Milk-based foods, Starch syrup, White coating, Maltose, Egg white, Wheat flour, Almonds Oil-processed foods, Liquor, Cornstarch, Processed konjac flour /trehalose, Swelling agent, Fragrance, Emulsifier, Citric acid, Coloring (carotene, red 40, red 3, blue 1, yellow 4), (Some of the ingredients include wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, and almonds.)

1.89 in x 2.36 in x 3.39 in

2.29 oz

270 Days, Room Temperature

Wheat, Egg, Milk ingredients, Soybean, Almond


OHARA Corporation was established in 1959 and started out by manufacturing konjac, but now also engages in jelly/pudding and primary processing of branded agricultural products. Currently, the company's main product is kuzukiri, and we produce more than 2 million pieces annually. There are many types of jellies, but no other style of jelly can be eaten with a fork or chopsticks and served with fresh fruit juice, and it is exported to many foreign countries. To further promote exports, we have established an affiliated company, KKI. All kuzukiri products received FDA FCE-SID and can be sold at room temperature.