Concentrated Yuzu drink 200ml


Simply add plain water into this mixture to make soft drinks. The mixing ratio is 1:5. Only Yuzu citrus from Kochi and beet root sugar from Hokkaido are blended for this Yuzu drink.


Beet sugar, Yuzu juice

2.28 in x 2.28 in x 6.3 in

6.76 oz

180 Days, Room Temperature


Halal: Nippon Asia Halal Association, Other: Kochi HACCP

We manufacture ice cream, sherbet, and drinks using ingredients produced Kochi Prefecture under the concept of "Made in Tosa". In 2009, we started to develop overseas sales channels. We have distributed our products to 20 countries so far. Our best-selling ice cream products are (1) Yuzu sherbet, (2) Ponkan sherbet, and (3) Salt Gelato. The sherbets (1) and (2) are milk- and egg-free, making them suitable for a wide range of countries. As for drinks, we mainly manufacture products using yuzu juice, such as 100% yuzu juice and diluted yuzu drinks. Our 1L type of 100% yuzu juice and 1L type of diluted yuzu drink have been well received in many countries. As a manufacturer, we are also capable of PB and OEM production.