Coffee Portion Unsweetened


- Convenient portion pack (individual container) for use in single serving - Using extract from deep roasted coffee bean (Italian roast) - No artificial scent or thickeners. Enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of coffee. - Enjoy with hot/iced water or milk - Ideal for cafe latte with milk


Coffee Extract, Water

5.51 in x 1.57 in x 7.48 in

5.08 oz

14 Months, Room Temperature


Yamato Honey Co., Ltd.

yamato honey

Yamato Honey Co., Ltd. was established in 1945 initially as a beekeeping and honey production company in Nara prefecture, Japan. Our current scope of business covers manufacturing and distribution of various portion-pack products such as coffee, matcha and syrups, OEM manufacturing of portion-pack products, and production and sales of honey products. For the overseas market, we focus on our own brand “Coffee Portion,” which allows customers to enjoy the taste and aroma of authentic coffee instantly, and “Matcha Portion,” which uses premium matcha powder from the long-established Kyoto-based tea shop " Kitagawa Hanbee shouten" (founded in 1861). We hope to continue to deliver high quality foodstuffs unique to Japan to customers around the world by proposing portion packs and alternative packaging solutions.