Caramel sweet potato cube Kabosu flavor


It is a product that combines the specialty products of Oita and Miyazaki realized in collaboration with the local trading company "OitaMade Co., Ltd.". The sourness of Oita's specialty "Kabosu" and the gentle sweetness of "Caramel sweet potato cube" are well combined to create a taste that lingers. “Caramel sweet potato cube” is a product devised to spread the deliciousness of Miyazaki’s agricultural products nationwide. The concept is to use as little synthetic additives as possible to create “tasty, gentle, and new” products that are different from existing products.


Sweet potato (from Miyazaki Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture), edible vegetable oil, sugar, kabosu powder (dextrin, kabosu juice), butter, kabosu powder, salt/lecithin (derived from soybeans)

6.69 in x 5.51 in x 2.36 in

2.82 oz

270 Days, Room Temperature

Milk ingredients, wheat


Oita Made is a regional trading company established by Oita Bank in Oita Prefecture. We handle a variety of commercial products from Oita Prefecture, including fresh products, processed products, and beverages, and are involved in both domestic wholesaling and overseas exporting. We have experiences in both direct and indirect exports to the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries. We are also able to find the desired products for our buyers by utilizing the network of our banking group.