BUSHITERITARE(japanese sitrus)


We propose a new "Teriyaki Sauce". Fat-free! This seasoning is made with Okinawan ingredients and manufactured in Okinawa. Winner of the Excellence Award of Okinawa Prefecture Product of the Year 2021. You can feel the Japanese umami and strong richness with any ingredients. “Seekwasa" is an Okinawan yuzu, a refreshing fruit with an aroma and sourness. By adding its juice to the ingredients, a mild sourness is added to the umami flavor of this sauce. It can be used as a dipping sauce or marinade sauce as it is, and also goes well with noodles, tofu, chicken, etc. It has a refreshing, uniquely Japanese taste.


Genuine brewed soy sauce (contains soybeans, wheat), sugar, fermented seasoning (sake rice, rice malt), protein hydrolyzate,, brewed vinegar, glucose syrup, dried bonito (made in Japan), Japanese lemon (Citrus depressa), salt,chilli pepper/ seasonings (contains amino acids), thickener (xanthan gum)

1.97 in x 1.97 in x 8.27 in

8.11 oz

18 Months, Room Temperature


shimakara foods

Our management philosophy is to create "new," "delicious," "easy," and "special" foodstuffs. We will change the existing way of thinking about food and propose new food. Our overseas sales channel achievements began in 2020 with efforts to export to the U.S. In September 2020, we were selected by BS Fuji as part of the BS Fuji Export Expansion Support Program, and we successfully exported a small amount of our products to the U.S. In December 2020, the company was approached by a New York store for test sales, and exported to New York in January 2021; in March 2021, the company exported to Taiwan; in November 2021, we received the Okinawa Prefecture Excellence Award; it was published in a booklet as a JETRO 2021 Excellent Case Study; it was introduced as a GFP 2021 Excellent Project; and in March 2021, we exported to Taiwan. In 2022, "Bushiteritare was adopted as a seasoning for the grand menu of a Japanese restaurant in Portland, U.S.A.