Embarking on a new challenge to emulate Japanese whisky, we present our whiskey-fragranced sake, "BOKKA". This product was inspired by our aspiration to create a type of sake that, akin to Japanese whisky, can be loved by people of all ages, genders, and across the globe. Sake has traditionally been perceived as somewhat traditional and consistent, with whispers of people becoming increasingly detached from it. However, we envisioned overturning this stereotype and encouraging a culture of enjoying sake in more contemporary ways, perhaps served on the rocks or as a highball at a bar. Through relentless trial and error, we successfully imparted the aroma of smokiness to the sake using a unique method, hence birthing "BOKKA". Consequently, we have crafted a beverage that offers the distinct pleasure of apple and cherry wood fragrances, an experience beyond what whisky can provide.


Sake (Domestically Produced) Wood Chips from Various Trees

1.57 in x 1.57 in x 6.61 in

5.07 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature

Apple, Walnut

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