Using crystal clear water from the Japan Alps and a special locally grown sake rice Takane-nishiki that undergoes "henpei" polishing to produce a beautiful, clean and umami-laden sake. Our production method is meticulous in order to produce rich flavored sake at affordable price. Polishing process in which the rice is milled into smaller pieces without changing its shape. Due to this ‘henpei’ polishing shape, even if the rice is milled at a low ratio, skins, fat, and proteins - which are not necessary for sake brewing - are removed and we can preserve the umami flavor of the rice at the same time.


Rice, Rice Koji, Water

3.15 in x 3.15 in x 11.42 in

24.35 oz

2 Months, Room Temperatrue


kikusui brewery

Kikusui mainly uses Takaneinishiki rice, which is suitable for sake brewing, grown under special contract with local farmers in Minami Shinshu in southern Nagano Prefecture. Our sake brewing is carried out using water from the Saruko-no-Spring, one of the 100 best spring waters in Japan, and same range of the underground water from the Alpine mountains. It is also the only brewery in the Shimoina districts of Iida City, and has been producing and selling sake, shochu and liqueurs since the company was formed in 1944. As for the future production of alcoholic beverages, we aim to continue to produce local sake using locally grown produce.