The raw materials are carefully cultivated with Bando Foods and Kawazoe Fruits, and the product is further manufactured, designed and promoted. The fresh yuzu juice is infused with the unique spiciness of Tabasco. Without a doubt, this special taste will be addictive! This sauce goes well with a wide variety of Japanese dishes and dishes from around the world including sashimi, hot yakitori, curry, pizza and pasta.


yuzu juice, kaki vinegar, salt, yuzu peel, pepper

1.54 in x 1.54 in x 5.71 in

2.03 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature


Halal: NAHA
bando foods

We are a small citrus fruit juice (Sudachi, Yuzu, Yuko) processing manufacturer and a citrus farmer. In order to deliver the authentic fruit aroma and taste, we provide the juice with as little modification as possible, and we also sell health-friendly products that do not rely on additives. We are working with local farmers to continue to protect the mountain landscape and the citrus industry.