Authentic Japanese Soup Stock


A-dashi is a versatile pure Japanese style soup stock. Three types of umami -bonito, konbu, and hotate- are blended with a perfect balance. Simply dilute with water to suit your cooking style and enjoy delicious dashi dishes without any hassle. You can make delicious Japanese dishes in no time including udon soup, hot pot dishes, boiled dishes, egg dishes, ohitashi and takikomigohan-rice.


Soy sauce(authentic brewing (produced in Japan)), Honmirin, sugars (sugar, black sugar, galactooli​gosacchari​de),​ salt, fermented seasonings, saponiform extract, yeast extract, kombu extract, brewed vinegar, hot flavored extract, agar, (contains some wheat and soybeans)

2.42 in x 2.42 in x 7.56 in

12.17 oz

12 Months, Room Temperautre

wheat and soybeans


Established 110 years ago in 1912, we have been producing vinegar and other seasonings in Tajima, a region surrounded by national and quasi national parks and rich in nature with lively storks. With the growing concern for food safety and health, we provide our customers with safe and delicious food products in the hope that people of all ages will have healthy bodies and minds.