ARRIVE SAKE Sage〈Junmai Ginjo〉720m


ARRIVE SAKE Sage Junmai Ginjo・・・Energy has arrived ! Like the sweet fragrance that can be enjoyed after a light rain in the hills of Miyagi, our Sage sake has a refreshing aftertaste with a hint of sweetness. TASTING NOTES: It has a gorgeous yet subdued ginjo aroma, floral and peach notes, and a clean taste with a hint of sweetness. You can also taste almonds and lemon peel with a refreshing herbal aftertaste. FOOD PAIRINGS: The firm acidity of this sake makes it an excellent option to pair with strong-flavoured dishes such as sautéed chicken, beef stew, mapo tofu, and hapohao chai. RECOMMENDED SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10-15 °C STORAGE TEMPERATURE: 5-20 °C VEGAN AND KOSHER / NO SUGAR / NO SULFITES / ADDITIVE-FREE


Rice / Rice Koji / Water

3.54 in x 3.54 in x 11.81 in

24.35 oz

2 Years, Refrigerated


Kosher: KLBD, Other: Vegan
tanaka shuzouten

■Tanaka Sake Brewery Location Tanaka Sake Brewery is located in "Kami-machi, Miyagi Prefecture." Located in the northwestern part of the Sendai Plain, Kami-machi is a fertile area where melted snow from the Ou Mountains constantly flows into the region. ■History of Tanaka Sake Brewery In 1789, the year of the French Revolution, Rinbei Tanaka, the most famous draper and money changer in the Date clan, founded the Tanaka Sake Brewery in this town blessed with water and rice. ■Passing on the Art of Sake Brewing:                                        Since inception, Tanaka Shuzoten has inherited traditional sake brewing methods (such as the kimoto and yamahai brewing methods) for more than 230 years while using highquality water and rice in the production of sake. We, at Tanaka Shuzoten, continue with manual processes-making koji entirely by the koji tray method, steaming rice in a traditional tub (koshiki), and applying cedar warmer for shubo making, etc.