Anywhere Natto ( Dried natto )


Our unique ultra-low temperature drying process does not destroy the nutrients and natto bacteria, making this product more nutritious and lower in calories than regular natto. Dried natto has a less distinctive aroma of natto and is not sticky. It is great as a topping for various dishes, soups, yogurt, salads, pasta, etc., or as a snack or finger food with beer. It is also very popular even among those who do not like natto.


Domestic soybeans ( uses non-GMO soybeans ) / Natto bacteria

4.72 in x 1.57 in x 5.91 in

1.76 oz

365 Days, Room Temperature

None. Natto is a fermented food, and like soy sauce and miso, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

international product

Our company develops, manufactures and sells new style of Japanese agricultural and fishery products that have never existed before, using our unique patented ultra-low temperature drying system. All of our products are our original items.