AMAZAKE Vegan Ice Sorbet


Sugar/Milk/Egg-free Ice Sorbet Free from 28 major allergen and gluten This Ice Sorbet is made from AMAZAKE(Amakouji) rice malt (fermented rice puree), instead of milk and dairy products. No sugar, milk, eggs, or food additives are used. TSUKIHAZE: The original soft and gentle flavor of rice malt can be enjoyed. YUZU: Juice and peel of unique Japanese citrus, Yuzu, are used. GREEN TEA: Japanese green tea is used. STRAWBERRY: Contains Japanese strawberries.


AMAZAKE(Rice malt), (YUZU Juice, YUZU Peel, Green tea, Strawberry), Rice Oil, Salt

2.76 in x 2.76 in x 1.97 in

2.77 oz

3 Years, Frozen


o'will corporation

We are a trading company whose main business is the import/export and domestic sales of raw materials for food and beverages. We own an ice cream factory called "Sun Honest (Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)" as a subsidiary. In addition to regular ice cream, "Sun Honest" manufactures and sells extremely unique Japanese-style products. "KOoRI-SAKE" is an ice cream containing Japanese sake with 3 degrees of alcohol level. Allergy and additive-free, natural ice sorbet "AMAKOUJI Ice" uses AMAZAKE (rice malt) instead of milk, dairy products, eggs and sugar. We are also engaged in exporting our customers' products, confectioneries, beverages, foodstuffs with our raw materials to overseas markets. We have about 600 customers in Japan, whose products together number in the tens of thousands, and we can introduce a wide variety of products from our extensive lineup.