Seize new business opportunities with Japanese food products and ingredients

Take your business to the next level with carefully selected, authentic Japanese food products.

Looking for high-quality Japanese food products for your business in the U.S.? Let JETRO’s Japanese Food and Beverage Showroom help you connect with food product companies in Japan. We offer samples as well as opportunities to negotiate directly with the Japanese product manufacturers.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government organization committed to assisting Japanese companies interested in exporting and international business. JETRO supports these companies by hosting two US showrooms with over 400 food, drink and liquor products made with high-quality Japanese ingredients. In-Person and online sessions are offered so buyers can familiarize themselves with the products.

Currently there are two showroom locations in Culver City, CA and Chicago, IL. Buyers are encouraged to see the wide selection of products in person. Online options (including livestreams) are available as well. Offering a wide variety of food products and ingredients, these showrooms promise exceptional quality that will add to your business whether you are a retailer, distributor or any other food service!

Feel free to browse the products, search for a specific ingredient, or make an appointment with us!